Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mom's birthday brunch...

First a little shout out to my mom,thank you for teaching me the importance of  christian & family values,for dragging my butt to church every sunday morning & wednesday eve. even though I didn't want to go somtimes,for loving me unconditionally when i'm sure there were times I didn't deserve it.Thank you for allowing me to pursue my dreams of traveling even though it must have scared you to death to see your daughter step on a plane & go places you've only imagined.Thank you for teaching me to sew,cook,clean & make a house a home.I am blessed to be able to call you my Mom...Happy Birthday Mom,I Love You!

I was planning to have our brunch outside in the sunshine,make a fire to sit around & drink our tea & coffee but the weather didn't cooperate & our day started out with rain,so i set everything up inside,& sure enough as soon as everyone showed up,so did the sun,by then i didn't feel like dragging everything outside so we had a wonderful brunch indoors:)

My sister Nettie made these perfectly delectable scones,they were delish!

My sister Marie brought the fresh fruit,my sister-in-law Sheila,blessed us w/ the flowers.All I had to do was make the main dish,the very unique breakfast soup:)

My beautiful sisters enjoying their after brunch coffee:)

The guest of honor,Mom & little River just eyeing the scones thinking,if only she would give me just one more bite!

looks like Mom & Sheila are really hashing somthing out;)

Despite the weather we had a wonderful day just sitting around chatting & catching up w/ whats going on in eachothers lives,days like these don't happen near enough.

good-bye for now

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