Sunday, April 27, 2014

Change...& exploring.

    Change is good. Whether it's my home, my wardrobe, my hair color or my blog...I get the itch to change it up every once in awhile :) I like change. It helps me to grow & learn new things...My blog title changed once again. Along with it came a new blog address. You can access all the posts I've made in the past, you just can't access the blog with anymore, the new web address is I'm hoping you will continue to visit me here, I love the feedback!

    Today we decided to pack up the kiddos & take them to a place that I loved to visit as a little girl. Hoping to make some of the same memories for our children that I have today.

    "The Wilderness Center"  is a wildlife center with winding trails, beautiful ponds, lookout towers & so much more.

    There were tons of trees uprooted like this one due to all the storms we had last year...

    Feeding the fish & geese is always a highlight! I brought along a nice big loaf of stale bread & we had so much fun watching them scramble for the crumbs...

    One of the beautiful ponds...

    Grandma & Grandpa met us there to go hiking...sitting to rest after an all uphill winding trail. Having a snack of pretzels before heading to Grandmas house for supper...

   There is rain in the forecast for the next 3 days so we made the most of every bit of sunshine that we could get today-such a beautiful day! 

                                                 Have a blessed Sunday & a good week!


  1. Nice new blog and pictures. I like changes too.. (almost A.D.D. at times) :o We also enjoy the wilderness center. I couldn't believe what last years storms did to those beautiful trees! Oh well, part of nature I guess..

  2. we were there on Sunday too...we enjoy going there