Saturday, April 26, 2014

Preserving Pineapples without processed sugars

    This year I'm starting a new adventure. I've been canning & preserving for as long as I can remember. I learned everything I know by watching & helping my Mother year after year as a little girl, growing up. When my Husband & I got married, almost 12 years ago, I continued doing so for our family. This year I'll be learning a whole new way of canning & preserving. Using only natural, raw & whole sugars & sea salt to preserve my fruits, vegetables & meats. I will try & share each new recipe as I go along.
    I'm super excited to start filling my cellar shelves with delicious, wholesome foods that are good for my family.
    Today I'll be sharing my recipe for canning fresh pineapples. It's super simple.
    I found pineapples on sale at our local Aldi for 1.99 each!

 I bought 10 of them, cut them up in chunks & filled my jars. I then made a simple syrup using 1 1/2 cup raw local honey to 1 gallon hot water. I stirred the honey-water till all the honey had dissolved into the water. I then poured the simple syrup over the pineapple, in the jars till the neck of the jar(leaving about 1inch from the very top of the jar.
    wipe the rims of the jars clean with a hot, wet dishcloth. Place the lids & rings tightly on the jars & place them into your canner. Fill the canner, up to the ring of the jars with water that is the same temperature as the liquid in your jars. I add 1 cup vinegar to the water in my canner, it keeps the jars from getting a chalk-like film over the surface of the jars.
    Cold-pack for 7 minutes once the water reaches a full rolling boil. Remove from the canner & place on a tea towel till the jars are completely cooled.

I saved one pineapple for eating fresh & the remaining 9 pineapples made 2 quart & 21 pint.

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