Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Our Memorial Day was a little unusual. We usually take the children to see a parade in the morning, then to a park for lunch & hangout poolside the remainder of the day if the weather permits.
This year Andy had to work half a day, so he took our oldest with him & I took the others to see my hometown Memorial Day parade.
We all came home about the same time & I put together a quick lunch that we ate on the front porch & then we set to work!
It's been so wet & rainy that we haven't been able to get into our garden, so that came 1st.
We had planned to downsize some due to the fact that we simply didn't have time to care for it properly, but when we found out Andy has cancer, we ended up making it even larger so we could grow our own organic fruits & veggies to cut down on grocery expenses.

We are also in the process of adding approximately 6 raised beds for blueberries, red & black raspberries, strawberries & root veggies-I'm super excited about the raised beds! I paid 6.75 for a half pint of  organic black raspberries last week & that is insane! I bought a plant today for less than that :)!

Our garden didn't produce well at all last year, so while planting I started to pray,"Lord, please let our fruits & veggies be plentiful this year & the weeds be minimal" & River, who stood beside me holding a paper bag full of of onion seeds, says,"Amen!....& help me be nice to girls" I hadn't even realized that I was praying aloud when he piped in with his portion of the prayer :)

Then it was time to tackle the mulch pile...

This is something we need to do every year cause we live atop a hill & by the end of the summer, half the mulch has usually blown away. We really should look into mulching with river rocks but I think mulch has a softer, more homey feel too it :)

This little man is a constant at our side when working in the gardens or flower beds. If it has anything to do with digging in the dirt or playing with water, he is ALL in!

Clothing is optional at our house in the summer-time. You rarely see a fully dressed child at any given time :)

I don't know if I've ever had a day where I went to bed as tired as I did on this day, but it came with a feeling of accomplishment! Although we didn't do anything really special, we had a day together. ALL of us together for the first time in a REALLY long time & it was so good!


  1. Hi
    I just went through and read a bunch of your blog. Ahh the memories, the good, the bad and the awful it brought back. 7 years ago I walked a similar journey, the cancer, the food issues, the natural stuff... BTDT all of it, except the kids. I will encourage you by saying don't ever give up. Fight with all you got..... you will never regret it, it is worth it.
    My story didn't end with the cancer, but it did end a chapter in life for me. I am in chapter two now.... God is good no matter what.....

    1. Thank you Ruth Ann for your encouragement!