Tuesday, November 26, 2013


This one is for those of you who follow Andy's updates/progress in blog land...
A few weeks ago we met with the natural Dr. to do some retesting. She does her testing, only doing a saliva test & comes up with all her numbers, I'm still amazed every time.
Test results are rated from -1-10(severely under functioning)...1-10(normal)...& +1-10(over functioning).
Andy's very first test (overall health) showed severely under functioning at a negative 7-10. A couple weeks ago, after being under her care for 2months, Andy was showing normal numbers from 4-6!
She said, "this doesn't mean the cancer is gone, but it does mean that Andy's body is able to fight the cancer at 100%! This was very encouraging news!
Last week he was scheduled for a CT scan so we could actually see what was going on inside of his body. We felt very confident going in. 2days later our hearts plummeted once again, the Dr. claimed there was new growth in his belly & once again stressed the need for chemo. So many doubts crept in. Are we doing the right thing? God had showed us so clearly that chemo was not the answer.
We left the Dr.'s office & headed to chiro where we sat & waited for our turn to be adjusted. They have a TV screen where they post chiro news, encouragement etc. We had just sat down & I looked up to see a bible verse pop up on the screen. I don't remember the verse or what the whole verse even said, but the last word of that verse was PERSEVERE!
It jumped out at me like a bolt of lightning!
I opened my phone & got on FB to pass the time & the 3rd post down...I don't remember all of it & it doesn't matter but it went like this...times might be hard...PRESS ON!
Friends, that was no coincidence, that was GOD!
We left the Dr.'s office feeling defeated, but we left chiropractic with HOPE.
The following day after the children went to school, I called our natural Dr. to discuss the CT results.
She had just done more testing on Andy the night before when he went in for his therapy & she had the results. The numbers for overall health were now a 7-8 & his numbers for lymphoma had jumped 8points! She said the growth they were seeing was likely due to toxins "gunk" that had not flushed through his system yet. Your largest lymph nodes are in your belly & everything gets flushed through there when detoxifying. This was good news.
Soon after I was off the phone, there was a knock on the front door. There stood a man that we had blown off about a month ago, trying to sell Andy a product that's supposed to be good for cancer. My first instinct was to get angry & send him on his way yet again, but something kept me from doing it, I let him in & let him talk, although I was only listening half-heartedly. All at once it occurred to me that it was odd that he should show up at our house again...the morning after getting disturbing news from the medical Dr. This also was no coincidence. I started really listening & then asked him if he could come back later that eve when Andy was home, he said, "sure!"
He came back, we listened, & we started using his product that same evening! he said we should see changes in 1month.
Andy has had chronic low back pain for over a year, the medical Dr. believes it comes from the cancer in his belly area & from the cancer in his bones. Tonight, 6days of using this product & following the program religiously, Andy came home & said he didn't have any back pain at all today. And that was after laying heavy block all day!
We believe good things are happening! Praise God!
We also have good news from Dawson's testings! His sugar levels went from a +10 to a +6.5 so it is coming down, slowly but surely! The testing also showed under functioning with his eyes & ears so we will be getting that checked out & maybe we will start seeing improvement in his grades at school! Poor guy can't do well in school if his eyes & ears are failing him :(
We also found out last week that Asher will need surgery in the near future.
We have a lot going on but we are finally getting some answers. This also means decisions need to be made & we pray that God would show us clearly what He would have us to do when each situation arises.
we covet your continued prayers. One day at a time....Thank you!
Andy, Ruth & kiddos

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