Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Andy's CT results.

   Tonight I have good news & bad news. The good news is, the tumor in Andy's neck area has shrunk significantly & is soft. He is not symptomatic in any area except on very rare occasions he will get night sweats. According to the Dr., at this stage, he should be extremely symptomatic. He should be having fevers, night sweats, decreased appetite, nausea etc...The bad news is, the lymphatic tumors in his belly & chest area how grown & appear more aggressive than the ones in his neck area. Is our faith being tested? We believe so. But we also know that God so clearly led us down the path of treating the cancer naturally & don't believe He did that, just to drastically change that course of direction in 2months time.  Again, the Dr. is puzzled that Andy isn't showing any symptoms at this point & we are praising God for this!
   The Dr. is wanting to push chemotherapy & repeatedly stressed the importance of going through with treatment. Andy is not on board. He was anointed in the name of Jesus & believes that God will bring healing to his body. The natural Dr. does testing each time he goes in for therapy & she is amazed weekly at the changes he is making & in the improvement of his numbers & believes his body is at a point where it can fight the cancer at 100% we are praying & believing that we will see positive changes in the coming weeks. The natural Dr. has also told us on numerous occasions that she has worked with chemo patients & has been very successful in treatment & if Andy would ever need to seek chemotherapy, that she would let us know & work alongside the medical Dr. to give Andy the best treatment possible.
    Andy is still searching for a job that would provide for our current needs but be able to work somewhere that he could avoid having to breathe in all the fine concrete dust that is slowing down the healing process for him.
   We ask that you please continue to keep us in your prayers as we make decisions for our future.

                                                            Thank you! Andy, Ruth & kiddos.

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