Sunday, May 26, 2013


The last four summers I just dove right in with out a plan, rhyme or reason to what our summer would consist of, then struggle to reach the surface to catch a breath by the time the summer ended. But not so this summer. This summer there IS a plan!
Last night I had to make a Wal-Mart run to pick up a vaporizer for a snotty congested little guy & I happened to be alone, so I decided to do some extensive shopping for this summer. On the list were items to make finger paint & moon sand. scoops, shovels & molds to play in the moon sand. Items for a 'GOOD BEHAVIOR' prize box, art supplies...& the list was looonng.
The Moon Sand was the easiest thing to make, 8 cups white flour & 1cup baby oil. That's it!
I made 3 batches & it filled this tub with just the right amount that I was hoping for. Molds & shovels cost me all of .98 for two!....I made this after the children had gone to bed, & let's just say, it really is the coolest thing to play with, I know cause I spent about half n hour playing with it myself! ;)
Little man is dreaming up all the messes he could make with this finger-paint :)
Also, so easy to make. 1 cup flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup water...mix thoroughly & add food color.(I did add a little more water though to get the consistency I liked). I also made 3 batches of the finger paint & it filled 4 ketchup bottle perfectly.
200 sheets of construction paper, coloring books, new markers, colored pencils, & crayons=hours of fun & creativity for my munchkins!
This is something I think I will end up loving!
At school each class has their plan for the day, a special activity for that day, chores for the children etc....when I hung this up for the first time this morning, the children got super excited! They know what to expect for the day. They know what is expected of them, & I believe we will have much less chaos through-out the day...each day it will change & through-out the summer I want to get really creative with their specials, make it fun & interesting & possibly even have them learn something in the process...think, treasure hunts-scavenger hunts-library visits, nature walks....I'd be open to suggestions too;) the prize box!
 For every 7days that they have good behavior, they get to choose something from the prize box.
There is some GOOD stuff in here! :)
-glow sticks
-jumping ropes
-candy bars
-note pads
-bubble gum
-activity packs
-pens & pencils
-water guns
-silly putty
We have a large desk calendar on the refrigerator where I keep track of activities  & the calendar will also be used to keep track of good behavior. Each child picks a color they will use all summer & at the end of the day, if he/she has practiced good behavior all day, they will make a line with their color on that day. when the have 7 lines a prize may be chosen!
Here's to having a good, creative, fun, summer vacation!
How do you plan for summer vacation?
Happy sunny, Sunday to you!

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