Thursday, May 2, 2013


So...It's been a really long time since I've come to put my thoughts here, but today I've been inspired!
Magic happened in my kitchen today. That's the only way I can describe it. There are days when I spend the whole day in my kitchen & everything flops, but then there are rare days like today, when it all goes RIGHT!
I had raw-whole milk yogurt in the oven by 7:30 to work it's magic. By 3:30 I opened the oven to find I had rich, creamy, thick yogurt! That has never happened for me before! other recipes I've used all called for gelatin & I often used 2% milk to make it & it always turned out more like a watery jello. GROSS! The recipe I used today I found here
I flavored mine with 2T. real vanilla extract & 1/2c. honey. It is amazing!
I also made homemade whole wheat bread that actually rose to the occasion :) Although I did go a little overboard on the split tops ;)
the bread got rave reviews from the children when they came home from school.
I also took the leftover bread that I made yesterday, cut it into cubes, drizzled with olive oil & seasoned them with garlic & seasoned salt, then toasted them. The children have been eating them like some people sit & eat a bowl of chips. Although they were meant to top salads.
In other news..
There are only 16 more days of school left. 16!!! I can't wait! As much as I'm ready to resume a schedule in the Fall, I'm also excited for the late-lazy Summer evenings & late-sleeping kiddos in the mornings.
We are slowly letting the children stay up later & later each week & that is resulting in mornings where I get lots done before they wake up & they take long afternoon naps!
Also keep my Friends Heidi & Donavon & their precious baby boy Kasen in your prayers tonight. They are at Altman Hospital with him due to a really high jaundice count.
Have a happy Thursday night!

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