Sunday, May 19, 2013


Tonight I said & did something that I could still just kick myself for (If that would change matters, that is).
While walking the trail in Fredericksburg, we met up with Friends of ours that we haven't been in contact with for a very long time, despite the fact we live in the same town.
After standing around & visiting with them for a few minutes, I made the comment, "If my house wasn't so trashed right now, we would have you guys over to sit around the fire & make S'mores."
They looked as if they wanted to accept, but my comment didn't leave any room for an acceptance! boo!
Am I the only one who does this???!!!
Since when does a clean or not so clean house have to be the deciding factor for a fun evening reconnecting with friends?!
Have good impressions become so important in my life that it trumps friendship?
In reality, they probably would have taken one look at the mess & said their house looks just like this too-really! why does it even matter?
"People will forget what you said.
They will even forget what you did.(or how your house looked).
But they will never forget how you made them feel."
Awhile back I took dinner in for a family that had just had a baby, that we have since become good friends with. Their house was a mess! truly-toys everywhere, crumbs stuck to your feet when you walked through the house. There were no apologies made for the messy house(that's probably all I would have done in the same situation).
But going into their home & sitting there visiting with them & snuggling their new baby, I have probably never felt so comfortable or at ease in any other home. And since then, when they come over, the pressure is totally off in regards to making that my home looks perfect. I the only one who does this?
I have been challenged today. To put people first. don't stress the little things. They won't matter in the end.....
How do you show Hospitality? Is a clean-picked up house on the top of your list?
I tend to suck at Hospitality, I believe it is a gift & if you have it, BLESS YOU!
For me it is something that I need to work at & practice, God help me! :) I obviously need it!

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  1. I too am very guilty of thinking my house has to be presentable for visitors..thus hardly ever inviting anyone since I feel it's rarely presentable! That's so not a good way of thinking but I think most of us do it. It's good to be reminded how that's not what counts (how clean or dirty your house is) Thanks for sharing this!