Saturday, February 4, 2017


This boy never ceases to make me smile with his words.
Since I'm awful at keeping baby books, I put to words here, all that I want to remember...

Tonight, as I filled little medicine cups with herbal drops & water, & mixed tiny spoonfuls of raspberry jelly, with their powdered prebiotics... then on to rub 4 little feet with Unkers, before slipping socks onto them, River looks up at me & says," Thank you for taking care of me, Mama.(heart melted)

Once they were tucked, all snug in their beds, I went downstairs to finish polishing my nails for church tomorrow. Only a few seconds later, I hear little feet, running down the stairs again & River calling out for one more hug. I say, "I can't baby, my nails are all wet." To which he replied, "But I can!" & came in for a squeeze...

A few minutes later, as daddy tucks him in for the 3rd time, I hear them talking & River says,"We need to go to sleep right away! So we can watch the football players, play bowling tomorrow!"
Daddy replied with a smile in his voice, "No, they will be playing football in the Super-Bowl game"
As little one INSISTS, that NO! they will be bowling! I know it!...

He fills my days with laughter, & brings joy to my heart.
He is my 4th born, the one who is so much like myself that I sometimes cringe. 
The one who will be spitting mad one second & loving on someone the next. Hes mischievous, & a big tease, but full of so much love.

I love you a million red M & M's! <3 

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