Monday, January 2, 2017

River has a Birthday!

We were barely awake, when we heard little feet come running down the stairs & into our bedroom. I pretend to still be sleeping as he comes to my side of the bed & whispers in my ear, "Mama! It's my Birthday today! Can I open my present now?!"

He's been eyeing his gift for quite a few weeks, all wrapped up in sprinkles, & was counting down the days till he could open it.

(I love how hes using his thumb to show how old he is)

...Christmas break had us all in a funk, so I planned a very, spur of the moment, pool party for the Birthday Boy. It was exactly what the kiddos needed to burn off all that Christmas sugar & excess energy!
A few cousins, an Aunt & Uncle, & Grandpa-Grandma Raber, showed up to join in the fun!

Doing back-flips off the side of the pool...

We had the pool to ourselves for almost 2 hours, then it was time to fill hungry bellies with brownies, chips & punch!

Later in the evening, we celebrated with Grandma & Grandpa Hilty & Aunt Miriam...

...We tucked-in some very tired kiddos, every ounce of energy spent.

Good-Night, Sweet boy. May everything you wished for, come true!
<3 <3 <3

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