Friday, April 6, 2012

My Country Kitchen

I wish I would have some before photos to post so you could see the dramatic changes in my kitchen from 8 years ago. Since I don't have photos I will give you a quick mental picture.
Imagine walls painted as bright as a yellow summer sunflower. And if that wasn't bright enough I topped it off with a sunflower wallpaper chair-rail high with a sunflower border & the ugliest shade of orange-y oak cupboards & island you could imagine.That lasted a few years then the wallpaper was taken down & a fresh coat of a  slightly,more toned down, yellow was put on the walls.
this lasted a few more years,then the yellow had to go!
My kitchen today...
I love my chalkboard wall! it's great for keeping a grocery list or doodling for the kiddos.
The cupboards got primed then painted an antique white color, I then distressed it with sandpaper sheets. The last step was rubbing an antique glaze over them to age them.
My kitchen herbs...the Rosemary plant is about 2yrs. old & thriving. the Parsley & Basil I started from seeds this spring. I love having fresh herbs to cook with. And the little jar is filled with weeds flowers that Aalyvia picked from the field.
The pot rack is something I've been bugging asking Andy to hang for me for several years now but he wasn't convinced that he wanted an old ladder hanging from the kitchen ceiling. He now likes it as much as I do. I knew he would:)
Then there's the dining area...
This hutch started as an unfinished ugly natural pine. Then it was white-washed white. currently it's painted black & distressed.
This is hanging on the wall next to the dining table. It was an old mirror that came with a chest of drawers. I painted it black,distressed it & painted the mirror part of it with chalkboard paint.
This Farmhouse table was a looonng waited for-couldn't find quite the right one-table. Then one day I go to my mother-in-laws home to see this table sitting on her sun-porch. It was love at 1st sight:)! after several months of  trying to persuade her that she didn't want it & she should sell it to me,she found one she liked better & sold it to me! yay!...happy dance!
Someday there will be a nice big deck on the other side of those sliding glass doors that will be perfect for summer entertainment but for kitchen will have that job.


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