Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend...

   Where to begin?...Getting ready for a weekend in Columbus...Thurs.afternoon i'm frantically baking choc.chip cookies,doing laundry,packing & trying to make dinner all @ the same time!(some cookies got alittle darker than others:)...this is about the time that Weston tells me his tummy hurts.i tell him to go to the bathroom thinking it's nothing,he went then seemed to be fine.dinner time comes & he doesn't want to eat,thats unusual but i tell him to sit w/ us anyway so he picks @ his food alittle then goes to play.After baths it's off to bed,not more than 5min. later Weston comes out into the kitchen puking what seems to be everything hes eaten in the last 2 days!

my sick little guy:(
 So we clean him up & snuggle w/ him on the couch till he falls asleep.UGH! now what to do? everything is mostly packed & Andy is committed to playing for a team in the Dublin softball tournaments...I finally tell Andy to just go,that I would stay home w/ the kids(what I really wanted to say was,(YOU CAN'T GO & LEAVE ME W/A SICK KID ON A HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!)...Weston slept all night & fri.morn. he seemed to feel better so i picked up my babysitter to be w/ the little boys(the 2 older kids were in school)& i went to get groceries for the weekend.When i got home he was still fine so i thot maybe we can go afterall...nope! right after the kids came home from school he up-chucked again! this time I was physically & emotionall drained & just sat down w/ him & cried:(
   By the time Andy is ready to leave the kids & me are one droopy,sad mess...i'm pretty sure there were @ least 3 of us bawling when he's giving good-bye hugs,he comes to hug me & I just wasn't feeling the love so he says hes sorry & turns to go...( I know what you're thinking,that wasn't the proper wifey response)but I was feeling jealous of his weekend alone w/ the guys,playin softball,having fun while i'm @ home in the sick house.
   By this time i'm resigned to the fact that i'm staying home,thinking if Weston is ok all day sat.the kids & I would go visit my family @ the campgrounds where they are camping all weekend,it could still turn out to be a fun weekend.Weston was fine all day sat...I got some canning done,10qaurts chili soup & 8pints  ketchup.

8 pints ketchup

10 quarts chili
Everyone slept great sat. night,the van is all packed for a day of camping...Sun. morn we are up,dressed & heading out...literally 3min on the rd. & Dawson throws up in the van! We turn around @ the nearest driveway & head home again,unload the van again & clean up the mess,now i'm staying HOME!!!

oh yes... Aalyvia's first tooth came out sat. too! She was almost giddy,happy! all her friends teeth kept falling out & she could hardly wait for her 1st one to fall out:)

One more thing...i've been updating my blog alittle,wanted to add some photos...i'm mostly happy w/ it but the photo behind the blog title is HUGE & can't figure out how to shrink it,the width is fine but the length of it is so not cool,if you know how change this please let me know...thanks! good-bye for now

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