Saturday, April 30, 2016

Fairy Garden dreams

We can't hardly keep our hands out of the dirt lately! The days keep getting warmer & we can't wait to fill our pots with colorful flowers.
Gracie & I have been making 2 trips a week, to the greenhouse the last few weeks. Sometimes it's just to look at all the flowers & see how they've grown...Other times we come home with a trunk full of flowers :)

 Gracie has been asking to make a Fairy Garden for the past few years, so we've been watching for tiny Garden trinkets at Garage sales & local Thrift stores.

This past week we found the final piece we'd been looking for, A Fairy house!
We were shopping a local Thrift store & found one for only a 1.00!

We headed to the greenhouse again today, in search of  tiny plants....

We found 3 that worked perfectly. Gracie picked the one with tiny blue flowers...

...We kept it small this year, simply cause it was our first year making one. 
As we find more trinkets to add, we'll expand the garden as well.

There are multitudes of stores that carry a vast variety of Fairy Garden trinkets, but they tend to be pricey, & with 4 curious boys in my life, I decided it's probably better to find used items at a fraction of the cost. If they get broken, it's no big loss :) 

Gracie finally has her own tiny Fairy Garden. Shes been unbelievably patient as we've searched for  treasures to add to it!

Happy Gardening!

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