Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Andy's results...a new normal

I will be sharing this Journey called Stage 2,Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma, here on my blog.
I had thought I'd set up an entirely different page to post all the updates & progress but it all seemed too time-consuming. So I'm hoping you will visit us here, share our journey, & Pray for us as we go along.
On Friday, August 9th, Andy went to see our Family practitioner for what we thought was an infection that was causing 3 lymph nodes to swell on the right side of his neck.
The Dr. checked it out, prescribed a strong antibiotic & scheduled a CAT scan the following Monday, August 12th.
Turns out that it wasn't an infection at all, but severely enlarged lymph nodes. Large enough that it alarmed the Dr.s & we were called in to see a surgeon that same afternoon.
The surgeon recommended Andy to do a biopsy in the office before we left cause he suspected Malignant Lymphoma. That will be a day I will never forget. Driving home in complete silence, both of us trying to comprehend what had just transpired. Three of the longest days of our lives, we waited for biopsy results, praying that somehow the test would prove the Dr.s wrong, only to have them call & tell us that the biopsy that they removed on the 12th, wasn't significant enough to do all the testing they needed & that Andy would need to be scheduled for a repeat biopsy Wednesday the 21st. This time they would need to surgically remove it. All went well with the surgery & then we had another looong few days ahead of us, waiting for that biopsy result. Finally, on Monday the 26th they called to tell us that what they had suspected was true, Andy has cancer, BUT that is all they would tell us. The nurses scheduled us to come in this morning to let us know what type of Lymphoma, what stage he's at & to discuss treatment options.
Andy does have Stage 2, Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. They want to do a repeat CAT scan & a bone marrow biopsy before starting Chemo. The Dr.s will also be surgically placing a port just under his skin to more easily administrate the chemo. Most of these tests will take place next week. Then we meet with Dr. Lun to discuss Andy's chemo schedule....
....In the mean time, we are all adjusting to a complete diet change. It was recommended that he starts eating Gluten & Sugar free, raw nuts & organic as much as possible. 
I have started making my own organic butter...
organic yogurt...
....and juicing our fruits & veggies
You can find the recipe for the homemade-organic yogurt here,
Since eating this way & supplementing with natural vitamins, Andy has made the comment numerous times, that he feels better & has more energy now than when he was a teenager! Physically, he feels & looks amazing & that can only help him in this journey that we will be on the next few months.
So we ask that you continue to keep us all in your prayers as we help Andy to fight this thing called cancer. I will update as we go along.
-Andy, Ruth & kiddos

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