Monday, June 24, 2013

Dresser redo

I snagged this dresser from a Facebook friend for FREE. They were planning to burn it if no one took it. After a little tweaking, it will get lots of use in our big boys' room.
The drawers weren't worth keeping, so those got tossed. They stuck a little & were nailed in multiple places.

I removed the hardware & took Husband's sander, & sanded it all down lightly...
This is the same pint of  paint I used for the lamp redo so for less than 4.00, this dresser got a brand new look.
I took the runners for the drawers off & painted it with a foam roller-I don't have a pic but I've found they give the smoothest finish, if you're rolling the paint onto furniture.
I prefer using paint & primer spray paint, but if I already have paint on hand that can be rolled on, it just doesn't make any sense to buy more :)
The final results turned out great.

I did not paint the interior(laziness on my part).
I bought some inexpensive canvas baskets at Wal-Mart to take the place of the drawers & the boys had fun filling up their "new" dresser.

The boys wasted no time in making it their own.
D has inherited a little of his Mamma's decorating gene & knew exactly how & what he wanted displayed on 'his" side of their dresser.

I love all the little boy treasures...dices, star fish, fossil rocks, trophies...D has also inherited his daddy's pack rat gene...but that's a whole other story :)...
Happy Monday-I plan to make it a good one!