Friday, November 2, 2012

Just waiting...

So tonight I'm really feeling the need to put my thoughts in print, theres just so much going on & maybe it will all make more sense if I just type away at my keyboard & possibly leave all the stress here instead of in my head...
5 more days...5more days till we find out if baby has done his flip & is in the proper position for a natural delivery. Next week Wed. my Dr. will be doing an ultrasound to see what our little guy has been up to, PRAYING, WISHING, HOPING, & BELIEVING that God will work this miracle for us. Asking you all to join us in prayer in hopes of the baby being in the right position. Although if the baby hasn't turned by then, my Dr. will be scheduling an appnt. to try & turn the baby herself (something that I've been told can be extremely painful & not always successful:().
These last few days & weeks have been a mess of ups & downs, I'm down to one pair of "shoes" that I can squeeze my ever swollen, water-retained feet into (my flip-flops). I have exactly one maternity shirt that still fits, & on a good night I'll be awake often enough to look at my alarm clock at least 5 times. Last night I saw 12:30, 1:30, 3:30, 4:45, 5:00 & finally at 7:00 when I was exhausted enough to fall asleep, it was time to get up & get the kiddos ready for school.
And did I mention, we still don't have a name? Last week I reserved ALL 7 baby name books that our Library carries, went through them all in one day & still don't have a name.
 My mom is convinced the reason we can't decide on a name & the reason I'm so emotional this pregnancy is because, despite what the Dr. has told us, she is convinced we are having a girl.
You think what you want Mamma, I saw the evidence otherwise. Unless that was a very strategically placed umbillical cord.
November 13th is another big day for us, coming up soon, is Weston's surgery. He will be getting his tonsils & adnoids removed due to extremely enlarged tonsils that are causing him to have some wheeziness, chronic snoring etc...although I'll be very thankful when it's over with, the thought of someone cutting into my child is alittle traumatizing for me. And having it all happen so close to baby day & the uncertainty of it all has me alittle frazzled.
On a happier note, we did get our van back this evening, after having it sit at the body shop for 5weeks! No more trying to squeeze our family of 6 into a 5passenger Explorer! Everyone gets their own seatbelt with room to spare for one more:)
Now Hubby just came home from the gas station with a big old Milky way-Midnight Dark candy bar for his distressed wifey. so I'm going to go make myself a big cup of rich, hot chocolate to enjoy with my candy bar & drown my stress in chocolate:)..........if the saying is true, that a piece of chocolate a day will make a happy,content baby???........we should have the best, most content, sleepy baby ever;)
good-night to all!

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