Monday, September 12, 2016

Spiced Apple juice

This morning I was playing around in the kitchen & the end results were pretty sweet ;) ...(See what I did there?)  :)
This year I bought some apples for juicing. I wanted to preserve some apple juice & apple cider for the winter months...The juice turned out great, so today I worked on the Apple cider(or if you want to get technical-Spiced Apple Juice).

I used Husband's juicer to juice all the apples. 

(All that pulp was saved for the compost pile)

Once the apples had all been juiced, I poured it all into a large stock pot & prepared a spice blend & wrapped it up in some cheese cloth & dropped it into the stock pot.
I let it simmer for an hour, removed the spice blend, then poured it into jars.

coldpack in a hot water bath for about 15 minutes.
As I type, I keep hearing the "ping" of my jar lids sealing-it's a happy sound :)

Spice Blend:
1 heaping TBS whole allspice
8 whole cinnamon sticks
a pinch of whole cloves

I used Ginger Gold apples. They are super sweet & don't require any additional sugar to sweeten the juice.

My cellar shelves are now stocked with homemade apple juice, grape juice & spiced apple juice.

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