Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Random ramblings

After spending a late night with Lorelei & Rory(love me some Gilmore girls), I hit the snooze on my alarm at 7:30, hoping to catch a few more Zzzz's before the whole cavalry awakes.
A half hour later I hear whispers coming from the kitchen..."I like when she sleeps in. we get to start school later & she forgets to make me brush my teeth & wash my face before school...."Well I don't! I like to start school on time!"(you can take a gander as to who said what)
The whispers get louder as more of them wake up & I here arguing over who gets the best seat at the bar, in order to best watch  Tom & Jerry while eating their bowl of cheerios.
At that point, I drag my butt out of bed, looking forward to stepping on those lovely scales, that have been so kind to me lately. 22.6 lbs lost since Thanksgiving makes me a happy girl.
Heading to the kitchen, trying to avoid all eye contact with the little people, I'm on a mission to have my peppermint tea & 2 eggs over-easy before the little people have too much to say...

...& the main reason I read other peoples' blogs, is to see "all the pretty pictures" here are a few photos of  what I've been working on lately :) 
Shutterfly has a ton of  promos after Christmas & I usually take full advantage of them. This year was no different. They ran a promo for 50% off all large prints a few weeks ago, so I made some new art for our home. 
Picmonkey.com has a design option, where you can create your own art. I then upload it to my Shutterfly account & order the print. easy-peasy.

Above the mantle is a 5x7 of Psalms 91:4...


I made good on a Pinterest project for the bathroom...I painted an old frame with some leftover, gold craft paint & added another original design...

This one is by far my favorite, & it's currently in my living room.

I'm still trying to decide if I want to paint the frame or not...

The pictures aren't very clear(I used my phone), but it is what it is :)

And now that I got all that off my chest, I plan to thoroughly enjoy my rainy, dreary Tuesday. Pajamas, all. the. day. long...& finishing up the last 2(of 10) blankets for a boutique order :)

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