Monday, December 29, 2014

"when will I get my new sister"

'When will I get my new sister"...This is a question I hear almost daily from an impatient, almost 4 yr. old.
About 2 years ago, Andy & I began talking about adoption. The timing never felt right though so it was one of those things that was "put on the back burner" so to speak.

This past summer, God revealed Himself so clearly to us, in this area that even now, as I type, my arms feel all shaky. Not only was He asking us to open our home to another child to call our own, but to be the family that a little girl(s) needs till her parents are capable of caring for her again. Fostering is something that is unbelievably scary to us. The thought of caring for & coming to love a child like one of our own, only to have her taken from us again is almost more than our hearts could bear.

  We asked God, "WHY?, Why NOW?" we were about a year into our cancer journey & God was telling us that now was the right time?-It made no sense to us, but God's timing is always perfect. He asks us only to be willing & He will provide the way.

About 2 months ago, after much prayer & seeking direction, we prayed..."okay God, if this is your will for our lives, for our family, then show us where to go & who to call. Open doors to each new decision that needs to be made. If we reach a closed door, then we stop.

We have been overwhelmed by each wide open door that  stands before us. We don't know what the future holds for us, but we are confident in The One who goes before us & prepares the way.

We start 39 hours of classes on January 24th, along with  our home studies. As long as God continues to open doors for us, we will keep moving forward.

We begin this new journey with nervous excitement! We have a peace, knowing that God goes before us. We are excited to see what He has planned for our family's future. And someday soon, River will finally meet the little sister that today, he only dreams about....

We felt very strongly that God wanted us to stay local, within our own county even if possible...
...Did you know there are currently 150+ children in just Wayne Co, who need good, stable, loving homes? Thats too many children, with out enough love. Without their forever family.

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