Monday, April 21, 2014

New CT & testing updates for Andy

    last week Andy had his 1st CT scan since last Fall. We saw a new Oncologist this time. Andy said he refuses to see the Dr. we had seen previously, who was very pushy, in his face & treated him very disrespectfully. If you value you life or the life of your loved ones, then DON'T see Dr. Lund at the Cleveland Clinic. Andy is seeing Dr. Machey currently & we were really happy with how he treated Andy. He respected our desire to continue natural medicine & actually encouraged Andy to do so due to the scan results.
    The scan showed that the cancer is stable & there is only the slightest bit of growth in his liver. Dr. Machey said, "we're talking millimeters" & he said that likely comes from the detoxing that Andy is still doing & everything gets flushed through the liver. Dr. Machey did say that even though the cancer is at a stable state, the lymphatic tumors had not shrunk like we expected they would be, but he said Andy's cancer is very slow growing & the natural meds are keeping it from growing so he should keep doing what hes doing.
    We followed up with Andy's NMD with her testing as well & the testing supported the findings of the CT scan. The type of cancer Andy has is NOT curable unless God works a miracle, & we believe He will, But they are able to shrink it & keep it from growing.
    NMD Jean Finley is recommending Andy start a 120 day, natural, stem cell therapy that will shrink the lymphatic tumors throughout his body. He will likely start that this week & will be tested every 2 weeks while doing the natural stem cell therapy, to keep track of his progress. We seek your prayers as he starts this new regimen, praying  Andy gets significant improvement in the next 4 months. God is able.

   MANY individuals have come to us since starting our Journey, asking what Andy is doing to heal his body. In this post I will try to explain the things we're doing.
    One of the first things our NMD had Andy do was change his diet completely. No processed sugars or white flours, no processed food AT ALL, he is to eat organic & fresh as much as possible & put him on a diet that was for his specific blood type. GMO/hormone free poultry, fish and specific fruits & veggies for his blood type. He is allowed sprouted grains & I use that in all of my baking.
    Andy also started juicing vegetables. By juicing vegetables, the body absorbs the nutrients almost immediately instead of having to break down all the fibers. Here is the recipe that he uses...It makes 32oz. of juice & he drinks this daily.

    1 large lemon
    1 large granny smith apple
    4 large celery stalks
    4 large carrot sticks
    3 large handfuls of dark green kale or spinach
    1 red beet, greens & all
\   1 inch fresh ginger root
    1 inch fresh turmeric root

    Andy also jumps on a rebounder 15-20 minutes daily. Any exercise that gets your heart pumping & fills your lungs with air, is a good exercise to be doing.

    Twice weekly, he sees NMD Jean Finley for oxygen, motion & sensor therapy.
    In addition to the stem cell therapy he will be starting this week he is also taking naturals meds, tailor made for his specific case.

    If you any questions about treating your body with natural medicine you can contact me through the comments on this post or through my Facebook account. I don't have all the answers, but I will help as much as I can.

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