Friday, November 8, 2013

    Today, I come to you all, our prayer warriors & I'm asking you to please intercede on our behalf.
Many of you know that Dawson struggles with seizures & is taking meds for it. The meds have started causing major side affects for him so we started seeing the same natural Dr.  that Andy is seeing for his cancer. Turns out that a big part of why he continues to have mild seizures is due to extremely high sugar levels, I'm not sure how the medical Dr.s could have missed this. The whole family's diet has changed drastically since finding out Andy has cancer so we are not sure what we are dealing with at this point. I know that sugar levels take time to change & he is being put on an extremely strict food change & if you have been following our story you know that this is the 3rd time we are making major changes in the family's diet. Only this time it's different for Dawson than it is for Andy so I am put in a very difficult place when it comes to cooking.
    After speaking with the natural Dr. today I am feeling very discouraged & I realize that is exactly where satan wants me to be. I believe we are fighting more than health battles at this point. I believe this has become a spiritual battle. satan knows how many lives are being reached through Andy's story & he hates it. satan is doing everything he can to make us want to give up. Today that would be easy to do. I have reached a low today that I didn't think was possible for me. So I'm begging you please, pray that satan would be bound, pray that God would send His angels to surround our family so the evil one could not touch us, help us fight this fight that sometimes feels like a losing battle. Pray for clarity for me that I could make wise decisions when I make meals for my family. And pray that healing could come to the ones I love most dearly.
                                                     Thank You!


  1. Praying for you!! I do believe satan is on a war path because Jesus is showing his power in many lives. Spiritual warfare is scary but in the end God will win. He has given you an amazing story, God bless you for being a strong women. God will carry you thru this too..

  2. it is def attacks from satan! But remember who he is fighting against! Our King! who is way beyond more powerful than Satan. We have so much power in the blood and the name of JESUS! praying for you.......

  3. and may i just add, our very best defensive weapon is praise and thanksgiving. extremely hard to do when you are feeling down and depressed but such amazing things happen when we do!

  4. Grace, you are the 2nd person today that has told me to praise God, even in those times when you least feel like it! I am taking that to heart with songs of worship this evening, letting them wash over me like healing rain. And I am extremely thankful, in both situations that we found it before it was irreversible.