Tuesday, October 15, 2013

For my Friends.

Today, as the babies settled down for naps, I put on some worship music & picked up my devotional to spend some time with God. Halfway through the devotional, I felt the need to pray. Pray for my friends who are hurting, friends who have family that are hurting...
...as I got to the end of my list, a song started playing that has brought so much healing to my own heart in the last few months.
 There were days when I would listen to it over & over again as healing tears streamed down my face. Listening to God's promises...even when it hurts, even when it's hard, He is there, holding us, in the palm of His hands. He cares. Cares that we are hurting. Cares that we are going through hard times.
He is lover of your soul & Healer of your heart. Claim it & trust Him with your hurt. He is able to make something beautiful from it.
Our God is strong & mighty, Our God is faithful...He is able. Praying these songs touch your hearts as they have mine.
You are in our prayers. You know who you are, love you guys!

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