Monday, October 7, 2013

A new love & my "dirty" little secret

Disclaimer: This one may get lengthy :)...grab a snack & stay for awhile :)
Today I discovered there is hope; life, after gluten & sugar free.
My new love...Organic Sprouted Spelt flour!
It has the taste of whole wheat, bakes like white & makes a mean gravy!
Today was a typical Monday for me. My Mondays are spent entirely in the kitchen, prepping food for the week, baking etc.
Baking bread was 1st on my list of things to make. I haven't baked bread in over 2 months due to all the GF flours that are out there, & I simply have not been having any luck with them. All that will change starting today :)
A Facebook Friend & fellow cancer survivor shared this recipe with me & I intend to put it to many uses! This recipe can be used for pizza crust, cinnamon rolls, dinner rolls & bread loaves. I halved the recipe she gave me so it can easily be doubled too.
2c. warm water
2T yeast
1T sea salt
2T plus 2t raw/local honey
1T raw apple cider vinegar
1/2c olive oil
7-8c organic spelt flour
-add flour till it pulls away from the sides of the bowl. Shape into loaves & place in a greased loaf pan. Let rise till bread reaches 1inch above pans. Bake @ 350' for 30min.
So easy & so versatile-my kind of recipe!
Next on my list was "cookie bars" as my family likes to call them.
I made a basic coffee cake-bar & added nuts & cane sugar chips, replaced the sugar in the recipe for coconut sugar & the flour with organic spelt flour. they turned out delish, Husband & children approved!
The croutons were made from forgotten bagels that were no longer as fresh as they could have been.
I cubed them up, added olive oil, sea salt, pepper, & Italian seasoning. I let them cool then put them through the blender to make bread crumbs, they will make some delicious breading for fish or chicken tenders!
Yogurt was next on the list, this is the best yogurt recipe I've ever used! it is rich, creamy & thick. It's best if you make it from milk straight from the cow, cream & all! :) Here is the recipe...
Last but certainly not least, were the granola bars. You will not find any better granola bars bought or homemade than this recipe & it is very versatile!
In a saucepan, on low heat combine:           
1/2c raw organic Almond or Peanut butter
1/3c raw, local honey
1/4c coconut oil
Remove from heat & add:
21/2c Gluten free oatmeal (we like the quick cooking)
1/2c organic coconut flakes
1c dried fruit, nuts or cane sugar chips
 I always double this batch & divide between 2 brownie pans, cool completely then cut into strips & wrap individually. I store them in the fridge cause they can get pretty sticky/soft when left out.
*if you use almond butter, they are really good with dried fruit(the almond butter has a fresher flavor). If using peanut butter, then the cane sugar chips are really good.
Little man always wants to be front & center when I'm in the kitchen, so to keep him busy I sat him on the counter beside me & gave him a little scissor & a coloring book & he had the time of his life cutting tiny little bits of paper that fell like snowflakes to the kitchen floor :) He was with me, he was happy & the mess could easily be cleaned up later. "dirty" little secret... :)
On any given Monday, you will find my house completely turned upside-down & inside out & it looks something like this...
Cupboards hanging open, pots & pans everywhere. Half the time I spent looking for things that mysteriously disappeared under this or behind that. But usually before the kiddos get home from school & the Man of the house gets home from work, the house once again looks like this...
For some of you who are OCD, my bar chairs will really bother you in this photo :)
Lucky for me, by the time I had the kitchen cleaned up, dinner was ready to be served! Crock pots are handy like that :) I seared off a roast this morning, added some celery, carrots, onions & broth to the pot & it had been simmering all day till the roast fell right off the bones. It went well with the fresh, homemade bread I made earlier today!
Now it's time to take that good-creamy yogurt out of the oven & into the fridge for breakfast in the morning.
Good night y'all & happy Monday, have a blessed week!


  1. How wonderful to see you've had such great success with the yogurt! You know just how to do it "straight from the cow, cream and all"! hehe I love it! I am so glad i found you cause now I am going to try making bread like you suggested, does that really work to make it with only spelt?? I've been adding some when i grind wheat but i still have always used some white flour to give it a better texture. What fun for everyone to come home to a clean kitchen stocked with great food! I am only cooking for 2 mostly but i think it could be a good idea to try to do something like that to give a good base to work from the rest of the week.. I can't really do meal plans cause that is just not how my mind works, but it's so nice to have some things prepped. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Roller Mill Farms, I replied to the email but it's not showing up here. I do, only use the sprouted spelt in the bread recipe & it's delicious! The cinnamon rolls, using this recipe, will be on my list to make for next week :) I also use the sprouted spelt for gravies, sauces & baking sweets. So far everything has turned out great! I also want to try making pie crust with the spelt, will let you know how that turns out :)

  3. Could I use this recipe and just use other flour? I don't have spelt but like the healthier bread recipe... Also am I reading correctly that you shape it into loaves as soon as its mixed? I'm used to letting the dough rise, then shape into loaves, then rise again so just wanted to make sure!?!

    1. Leah, I have never used a different flour when making this bread recipe so I don't have an answer for you, although if you want to try it, I know that it takes more Sprouted spelt flour in a recipe if converted so if you use a different flour, you wouldn't use as much flour I'm sure. And yes, it goes straight from the mixer to the pans, the spelt flour makes this bread super moist.